Healing from Shunning Starting Now!

Reclaim Your Power - Recovery From Shunning

  • Additional Support Sessions

    As a bonus, you will receive 3 Additional Support Sessions one to one with Coach Libby to support you as you go through this journey. ($130 USD Value)

  • Healing from Shunning Starting Now!

    You will be provided with: *Clarity and a new perspective that will allow you to step away from former thought patterns *Validation for the physical, mental and emotional effect of being shunned *Practical and effective ways within your control to start counteracting the negative effects of shunning

  • Change of Path - Recovery Group

    For those interested in building community there is a monthly group that you can join.

Course curriculum

Take a look at what is in store for you

  • 1

    Introduction to Reclaim Your Power - Recovery from Shunning

    • Welcome to Reclaim Your Power - Recovery From Shunning

    • Ways to Move Forward

    • A Few Questions Before We Start

    • The Questions! Your Ticket for this Journey

    • Housekeeping & Things to Keep in Mind

  • 2

    5 Reasons Why You Are NOT Mentally Diseased or Broken

    • 1) Shunning is the Oldest From of Social Punishment

    • 2) Shunning is Frozen Grief

    • 3) Shunning is Free Falling

    • 4) You Are Justified To Feel Distressed

    • 5) You Are No Longer Asleep

  • 3

    Proof That It Is Not All in Your Head

    • Awareness of Effects

    • Ripple Effects

  • 4

    Reclaim Your Power to Create Unconditional Community

    • Rights of Passage

    • Building Unconditional Community

  • 5


    • Reclaim Your Power - Wrap Up 2019 Feb 20

    • Bibliography